Buh Bye Toronto, Hellllllllloooo DC!

Adam Proteau

Adam Proteau

In light of my last day at The Hockey News being Thursday, I’d like to present an  advantageous opportunity for YOU the readers. Adam Proteau normally does an “Ask Adam” segment every week for the readers of THN that are very league focussed whereas most of you should be Caps focussed, right? Right!

If you’d like to leave your questions for Adam – who by the way won the Professional Hockey Writer’s Association award for best column – I’ll try and get you his answers to them on Monday evening.

Write your question in a comment and I’ll pick a handful of them by reaching into my laptop’s screen. It will ask for your email address but when you enter it, you won’t receive any emails so do don’t let that dissuade you from participating, please!

PS: Don’t ask if the Knuble signing was good – he’s already explained in a “THN Shootout” video that he thought it was one of the best moves of the first day of free agency!


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