Classique d’Hiver: Les Capitals v Les Habitants

The Olympic Stadium of Montreal

The Olympic Stadium of Montreal, built for 1976 games.

News reports today indicate the Washington Capitals will participate in a regular season game in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, against the centennial Bleu, Blanc et Rouge.

Such a game will heavily benefit a Capitals organization looking for more exposure in an ever gleaming spotlight.  The attention the Capitals have received over the past two seasons has been unprecedented, even more so than when the team made the Stanley Cup final in 1998. Playing in overseas European “Premier” games could only be a glamorous occasion for Ovie and friends, especially if it were to take place in Moscow.

Guess we’ll have to settle on a nice 10-hour drive or two-hour flight up north this season.

Imagine 56,000 screaming fans in Ovie’s second favorite NHL city – a spectacle. Imagine going up against a re-tooled Habs team fighting to start out the season on the right foot. Imagine – but certainly expect – a tight match as most Caps/Habs matches have been over the past two seasons.

While this game will not be confirmed as on the docket for next season until tomorrow, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves but let us relish the possibility of facing Montreal and quieting their famously rambunctious hoard of support.

Montreal is an electric and fantastic city. I highly recommend going to this match if it is scheduled (which according to Tarik is for 28 November). I went to the Caps’ 5-4 overtime win over the Canadiens in January, 2008 at the Bell Centre and had an absolutely phenomenal time. Mike Green scored the OT winner.

The game experience at the Phone Booth has gotten a lot better since that time but there’s nothing like a Habs game in Montreal. Trippling Bell Centre’s capacity can only yield a more stimulating experience.


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